Bloomberg Law (select stories)


Beyond Cadavers: Med Students Learn to Dissect Health Policy“-February 4, 2019

Trump Administration Could Violate Law by Not Cutting Medicare“-January 22, 2019

Rural Hospitals Fear Losses From Medicare Payment Change“-January 16, 2019

“Campaign Cash Follows GOP Senator Who May Be Drug-Price Firewall”-December 7, 2018 (involved data analysis and graphics)

“Trump Team Back to Drawing Board on Health Care After Midterms”-December 6, 2018 (co-written)

Medicare for All Tough Pill for Many House Democrats to Swallow“-November 27, 2018 (involved data analysis and graphics)

Six Congressional Committees to Watch in 2019“-November 16, 2018 (Bloomberg Businessweek byline)

Democrats Need to Refine Health Care Messaging for 2020 Race“-November 8, 2018 (wrap-up of 2018 election)

Democrats Could Make Deal With Trump to Cut Drug Prices—or Not“-November 7, 2018

Trump’s HHS Targets Chiropractors in Fight Against Medicare Fraud“-October 25, 2018

What Happens to Obamacare if Democrats Take the House?“-October 22, 2018

Health Records Adapting to Meet Transgender Needs“-August 6, 2018

Medicare Agency Aims to Change Drug Programs to Lower Prices“-August 1, 2018 (co-written)

“Medicare Pay Uncertainty Limits Gender Reassignment Surgery”-July 20, 2018 (involved data analysis and graphics)

“Aging HIV Population Confronts High Drug Costs, Taxes Medicare”-June 28, 2018 (involved over 16 interviews, data analysis and graphics)

“Lack of Medicare Public Trustees Under Trump Stirs Concern”-June 12, 2018


House Judiciary Panel to Probe Competition in Health Care“-February 5, 2019

House’s Cummings Optimistic on Chances for Drug Pricing Fix“-January 30, 2019 (in-depth policy story)

Hill Drug Pricing Scrutiny Starts With Patients, Researchers“-January 22, 2019 (in-depth policy story)

Government Shutdown Won’t Ground NASA’s Biomedical Research“-December 18, 2018

Trump’s HHS Explores Health Privacy Changes to Bolster Care“-December 12, 2018 (exclusive interview with HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan)

GOP Senators’ Fight Holding Up Drug, Pandemic Bills (Corrected)“-November 29, 2018

GOP’s Johnson Seeks to Recoup California Medicaid Payments (1)“-November 19, 2018

Republicans Planning Bite-Sized Health Initiatives in Lame Duck“-November 13, 2018

Neal to Focus on 2017 Tax Law in House Ways and Means (Corrected)“-November 7, 2018 (committee preview story)

Environment, Obamacare in Focus on House Commerce (Corrected)“-November 7, 2018 (committee preview story)

Grassley in Line to Lead Senate Finance Committee (2)“-November 7, 2018 (committee preview story)

Drugmakers Out to Slip Change to Medicare Into Opioid Bill: Dems“-September 21, 2018

HHS Goal: Be Bold With Physician Self-Referral Reforms“-September 6, 2018 (exclusive sit-down interview with HHS deputy secretary)

Trump Administration Eyes Lifting Health Kickback Curbs“-August 24, 2018 (exclusive interview with HHS deputy secretary)

“Virginia Medicaid Expansion Signed by Governor (1)”-June 7, 2018 (first to report that the governor signed the expansion)

Policy Stories

Child Separation Report Further Fuels Demands for House Hearings“-January 17, 2019 (breaking news)

2019 Outlook: Drug Prices, Obamacare in Lawmakers’ Sights“-January 2, 2019

Medicare Savings Program Changes Could Ease Industry Concern (2)“-December 21, 2018 (breaking news)

2019 Outlook: Six Things to Watch in Medicare“-December 17, 2018 (co-written)

Delay of Obamacare Tax Bill Angers Employer Groups“-September 26, 2018 (co-written)

Medical Device Makers Object to Payment Reporting in Opioid Bill“-September 19, 2018

Senate Passes Opioid Crisis Bill“-September 17, 2018

Senate Stops ‘Gag’ on Discussing Cheaper Drugs at Pharmacy (Corrected)“-September 17, 2018

Medical Device Makers Eager to Weigh in on Anti-Kickback Law“-August 29, 2018

Medicare Savings Program Revamp May Spur Exodus of Doctors“-August 14, 2018

“Hospitals Decry Medicare Outpatient Payment Proposal”-July 30, 2018

“Medicare’s Patient Evaluation Proposal Could Cut Doctor Pay”-July 25, 2018