Bloomberg Law

“Relief for Doctors Seen in Medicare Managed Care Notice”-June 29, 2018

“Aging HIV Population Confronts High Drug Costs, Taxes Medicare”-June 28, 2018 (enterprise story involving over 16 interviews, data analysis and graphics)

“Michigan Governor Signs Medicaid Work Requirements (1)”-June 22, 2018

“New Medicare Database Could Ease Post-Acute Care Transitions”-June 22, 2018

“Medicare Panel Calls for More Help for Rural Hospitals (1)”-June 18, 2018 (in-depth policy story)

“Hospital Star Ratings Delayed Amid Industry Concerns”-June 13, 2018 (scoop of when ratings will be updated)

“Lack of Medicare Public Trustees Under Trump Stirs Concern”-June 12, 2018 (spoke with four most recent past public trustees)

“Progress Continues in Reducing Hospital-Acquired Conditions”-June 11, 2018

“Congress Needs to Fix Medicare’s Funding, Analysts Say”-June 7, 2018 (in-depth policy story)

“Virginia Medicaid Expansion Signed by Governor (1)”-June 7, 2018 (Scoop, first to report that the governor signed the expansion)

“Virginia Medicaid Expansion Heads to Governor’s Desk”-May 31, 2018

“Call Centers Serving Addicts Under Capitol Hill Scrutiny”-May 30, 2018