What are capreggings?

One of the newest trends going around Carlmont are three-quarter length leggings, or “capreggings.”

They are the material of legging, yet they’re shorter and more popular.

Brown "capreggings." Image courtesy of www.tempusclothing.com
Brown “capreggings.” Image courtesy of http://www.tempusclothing.com

Sophomore Rachel Chen said, “I think they look good with boots. The brown ones are cute.”

Capreggings are not long enough to be pants and the material isn’t exactly thick, but tons of girls at Carlmont continue to wear them.

Although they are very popular, many people agree with the fact that they’re weird.

Chelsy Sesma, a regular wearer of yoga pants said: “I’d rather wear capris than three-quarter length leggings. I don’t get the point of them because they don’t even keep you warm.”

On the other hand, Manya Singh thinks the opposite. “I think they look good, but people should not wear any leggings without a skirt or shirt that come to midthigh.”

Most people wear them like yoga pants with a sweatshirt, but that’s not always appropriate. The quality of the material can be poor, so they can be too see-through.

In the last few years, the adoration of yoga pants has steadily climbed as more and more girls chose to wear yoga pants.

Later, they might get even shorter and turn into yoga shorts, which are made, but not an article of clothing most girls wear, and especially not with winter approaching. These are getting less and less practical for the girls at Carlmont.

Next time ones sees someone wearing them around campus, remember they’re actually just shorter leggings, and not a new fashion trend.

Originally seen on http://www.scotscoop.com/23155

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