Boyfriends can influence style too

What’s in the name of this trend? A stereotypical piece of clothing based on something many girls want to have, a boyfriend.

This style can be worn in many ways, like the model in the photo who wears a long shirt with a belt, or tucked into a skirt with heels.

Boyfriend shirt on a model. Image courtesy of
Boyfriend shirt on a model. Image courtesy of

Junior Billy Lash said, “[It’s a] fashion statement, something for girls that is cute, but easy to wear.”

Like Lash said, it’s cute, comfortable, reminds the girl wearing the shirt of her boyfriend, and it easily matches with other things. The boyfriend shirt is something that anyone can just throw on with a pair of patterned pants and heels and they can go out the door.

Although some think it’s really cute and easy, others find the concept ridiculous, and some just don’t care.

“I wouldn’t actually buy one, I’d just take it from my boyfriend,” stated sophomore Chelsy Sesma.

Some people don’t even know what they are, like sophomore JT Snider, who stated that exact fact.

Others, like sophomore Quentin Gachot said, “[They’re a] little ridiculous, but it’s their relationships, so they can do what they want.”

Although the frequency of this style around Carlmont isn’t high, they’re still seen occasionally by girls around campus.

Like some styles, this one may fade, but it also might come back, so keep an eye out for what girls are wearing around the school.

Easy, trendy, and comfortable, this is a style that any girl can follow by finding an old button-down shirt of a boyfriend or guy friend’s.

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