Infinity is not just a number

As the weather becomes colder, scarves of all shapes, colors, and sizes start showing up in students’ winter wardrobes. The most current kind of scarf is known as the infinity scarf.

Infinity scarves are a long continuous loop that are useful to wear.

Mariya Chichmarenko wearing an infinity scarf.
Mariya Chichmarenko wearing an infinity scarf.

The wearer puts one end around his or her neck, twists it so it makes a figure eight, puts the front loop around the neck, then adjusts as wanted.

They can be paired with practically anything, but typically they are paired with a sweater, jeans, and boots to keep warm.

“I love them, because they are so easy to wear. I’m pretty sure I have a few of them,” said freshman Minh-Han Vu.

Many students at Carlmont like this kind of scarf, and even prefer it to its normal counterpart.

Sophomore Allison Schwartz stated, “I like infinity scarfs because they are really comfy and they don’t get slip off or get uneven like normal scarfs.”

Sophomore Erin Lucett agrees with Schwartz: ”I love them because they are warm and they look really cute.”

On the other hand, some students do prefer their counterparts.

“I like them, they are convenient. However, I would prefer to buy a regular scarf instead. They are far more entertaining,” said senior Sandy Young-Cellilo.

Although all types of scarves serve the purpose, may students feel that these are cuter and more in-style.

These scarves typically cost $20 to $40, and come in all kinds of colors and thicknesses. They can be found at stores like Macy’s, Express, Nordstrom, American Apparel, and Forever 21.

Scarves have been around in various ways since Ancient Rome, and have been fashionable among women and men since then.

These scarves are swiftly making their way through the Carlmont campus and stores.

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