The truth in the legends and supernatural stories

As Halloween approaches, some people question their belief in the supernatural world around them, while others become more vocal about their beliefs.

Creatures such as the Loch Ness monster, ghosts, vampires, Bigfoot, and many others are associated with Halloween. Science has not proven whether any of them do or do not exist, but there are people who believe in these creatures.

“It kind of depends on the creature. I would not call it active believing, just being open minded to the possibility until it has been factually proven that there truly is not anything out there,” said sophomore Alex Irby.

Like many of her fellow students, Irby does not deny that these creatures could exist.

Senior Sarah Burry said, “Something started the legends, and maybe they got exaggerated, and maybe whatever creature it was died out. Those stories have roots to them.”

Some people compare the myth of creatures like the kraken to a colossal squid that was found or a dragon to an ancient relative of the Komodo dragon called the megalania.

When asked in a poll, 45 percent of the students said that they do not believe in supernatural creatures. In contrast, 18 percent said they do believe in supernatural creatures and 37 percent said they believe in some of them.

“I only believe in ghosts and the chupacabra, because those are the only ones that science has proven,” said senior Aaron Goodwin, who then proceeded to give factual support for the existence of these creatures.

Farmers in South and Central America have been complaining about the “goat sucker” or chupacabra, since the 1970s. They said that it would suck the blood of goats and other livestock, which sounds somewhat similar to vampires.

The legend of Bigfoot is a story that is commonly known by many people and Bigfoot is described to look like an extremely tall and furry man, linking back to the Neanderthal.

Bigfoot hunters search the forests of Northern America for any sightings and attempt to communicate proof with one another and the general public. Groups like the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) talk with one another about finding concrete evidence that Bigfoot exists.

Although the majority of the student population at Carlmont believes that some form of supernatural creature exists, there are still students who do not.

Junior Adam Cobb said that “there is not enough evidence to support [the existence of supernatural creatures].”

Evidence such as blurry photos and videos, abnormal footprints and hairs, and large excrement is seen as proof for some believers, but for skeptics, this only proves their point that supernatural creatures such as Bigfoot do not exist.

Students such as senior Billy Lash only believe in certain creatures, “I have always been in love with the spookier sides of supernatural and fantasy creatures. I will believe anything that is not overdone, such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.”


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