Student helps start a company

Update as of May 7: (written by Shira Stein)

The students involved in the creation of Schooled Prep, seniors Jay Aurora, Sean Luna, Scott Harris, Andrew Sohrabi, and Raj Aurora, emailed the parents of the junior class, which resulted in emails from parents to Principal Lisa Gleaton.

Jay Aurora said, “On everybody’s Infinite Campus account you can find the [Carlmont Student-Parent] directory. Parents were complaining to Gleaton that we weren’t supposed to do that and that they didn’t want their emails to be solicited.”

Senior Sean Luna, future student of UC Berkeley class of 2018.
Senior Sean Luna, future student of UC Berkeley class of 2018.

This directory is comprised of all student’s names, phone numbers, and the emails of their parents if the parents opted to do so. The complaints came from the idea that the directory was meant to be private.

The Carlmont Student-Parent Directory says, “Student-parent listings in this booklet are for the private use of Carlmont families and staff only. Names and numbers are not for public disclosure and cannot be used for commercial purposes.”

The use of the directory was not meant to offend parents.

“I think it was an innocent mistake. They weren’t trying to be shady, but it wasn’t cool. I thought it was really great, what they wanted to do. They just made a little mistake,” said Gleaton.

To let parents know that the mistake had been brought to the attention of the students and corrected, Gleaton send an email to all parents saying that what had occurred was an accident and that it would not happen again.

In Gleaton’s opinion “they really should have checked with an adult about the best way to [create and spread the word about this company].”

The idea behind the company was to be student run.

“It never crossed our mind to include adults, we wanted it to be student run,” said Luna.

To advertise to students, the group is going to set up tables in the quad next week where students can ask a few free questions and find out more information about the company and how it can help students looking to get into college.

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