Email shows Rokowski’s commitment to AUSG

Rokowski immediately after the announcement that she had won AUSG Secretary

The narrative that AUSG has been telling you is a lie.

We, the students of American University, have been led to believe that AUSG Secretary Faith Rokowski resigned her position due to her “personal well-being.” The Bottom Line has obtained an email written by Rokowski on June 3 that tells an entirely different story.

This tale is one of an AUSG executive who cares deeply about “working for the students of AU.” In this email, Rokowski told the rest of the AUSG Executive Board and Dominic Greene, the Director of Student Activities, “I don’t feel it is appropriate for me to resign.”

The email that she wrote was in response to a meeting the day prior (June 2) where the rest of the AUSG Executive Board voiced their concerns about Rokowski’s ability to do her job. According to AUSG Judicial Board Opinion 10.04, “elected executives are not authorized…to ask for the resignation of another member of the student government outside their cabinet.”

Rokowski clearly stated that she wanted to continue on as AUSG Secretary, and she then went on to detail exactly how she would improve in her job. Rokowski even declined an internship at the Department of Education that she had proudly posted about on her personal Facebook page in order to prove her commitment to her job as AUSG Secretary.

In this reporter’s opinion, an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Rokowski’s resignation must occur. In the meantime, Rokowski’s resignation letter should have a hold placed on it until it is determined whether or not she was forced out of her position in a manner unbecoming of American University students.

American University students care deeply about the work that they do, and Faith Rokowski is one of the many students who cares deeply about AUSG. The circumstances surrounding her resignation need to be more fully investigated before AUSG loses a valuable member.

In the words of a dedicated member of the AU community, “I hope you see that I actually care about this job, and care about continuing to work in it.”

Rokowski’s Facebook post regarding her Department of Education Internship


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