Audio of AUSG Interim Secretary on process to nominate permanent secretary

After the investigation by the AUSG Senate Committee on Oversight and Accountability was launched, a member of the AUSG Vice President’s Cabinet who wished to remain anonymous sent the following audio clip to The Bottom Line (transcribed below). (

“The three of them are the ones who told me to apply in the first place, so now it’s Will [Mascaro] and Rosie [Black]. So Kris, can you also go in the mix? And it’s pretty clear what they meant. What Sam [Vervaeke] just told me was that she thinks Shannon [McDermott] told Rosie what to say to appease to Devontae [Torriente]. Shannon somehow convinced Devontae that this was the way to go.”

The voice in this audio is current AUSG Interim Secretary Kris Schneider. In this audio, he is speaking about the process of nominating someone to replace him as AUSG Secretary permanently.

In the audio, Interim Secretary Schneider insinuates that the AUSG Executive Board (President Torriente, Vice President Vervaeke and Comptroller McDermott) encouraged him to apply to be secretary permanently because they didn’t want to nominate the other two candidates, Director of the Student Advocacy Center Will Mascaro and Rosie Black, for AUSG Secretary.

Interim Secretary Schneider also insinuates that Comptroller McDermott convinced President Torriente to nominate Black for secretary.

At the AUSG Senate Meeting on Sept. 4, Rosie Black was the nominee of the AUSG Executive Board (after a 2–1 vote of the executive board to nominate her). During this meeting, Former Secretary Rokowski said, “I entered this position after being in student government for two years. I had no experience with student government communications, and I quit.”

During the Sept. 4 Senate meeting, it also came to light that Former Secretary Rokowski had submitted four names for consideration for secretary and none were chosen by the executive board.

Black was not confirmed as AUSG Secretary by a vote of 7–1.

During the Sept. 11 Senate Meeting, Chief of Staff Josh Gutmaker proposed the executive board’s timeline for new nominations for a secretary. The executive board plans to open applications for secretary on Sept. 12. The executive board plans to propose a nominee to the Senate on Sept. 25.

The AUSG Senate Committee on Oversight and Accountability currently has an investigation open looking into the conditions surrounding the nomination of Rosie Black as AUSG Secretary.

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