AUSG Senate opens investigation into Secretary resignation and nomination

The AUSG Senate Committee on Oversight and Accountability (COA) voted unanimously to open an investigation into the circumstances surround the resignation of AUSG Former Secretary Faith Rokowski and the nomination of Rosie Black as AUSG Secretary.

This investigation is following speculation this summer that Former Secretary Rokowski was pressured to resign. It is also following the failed confirmation of Rosie Black as AUSG Secretary and revelations at the Sept. 4 meeting of the Senate that the application for AUSG Secretary was not open to the campus community at large.

According to Senator Arnell, who is chair of the COA, “The committee launched the investigation due to student body inquiries. We felt it was important to search for the answers that the student body wants.”

The COA members, Arnell, George Khnouf and Samuel Rogers, will conduct interviews this week with President Devontae Torriente, Vice President Sam Vervaeke, Comptroller Shannon McDermott, Interim Secretary Kris Schneider, Former Secretary Faith Rokowski, and Chief of Staff Josh Gutmaker. According to Senator Arnell, Rosie Black “does not wish to participate in the investigation.”

“While it is a fast investigation, due to lack of time in the Senate for this session, it will be very thorough investigation,” said Senator Arnell.

This investigation is not meant to target one person. On behalf of the entire committee, Senator Arnell said, “We do not expect to find out anything but the truth.”

Members of AUSG, the public and press are welcome to email Senator Arnell if they have any information that is pertinent to the investigation. “As a committee we believe it is important to hear everyone, including the concerned student body,” said Senator Arnell.

After the COA conducts their interviews and hears from the student body, Senator Arnell will give a report of the COA’s findings to the Senate. “After the report, the Senate as a body can choose to do nothing with the investigation or choose to impeach certain members of the AUSG community. Someone within the body may also choose to open a Judicial Board case,” said Senator Arnell.

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