My television, radio, podcast, and in-person appearances.

Trump Ties Medicare Drug Cost to Rates Paid by Other Nations“-July 28, 2020 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Covid-19 vaccine development and CDC nationwide antibody survey-July 15, 2020 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Bloomberg Law Newsroom Panel “Then and Now: Demanding Dignity at Stonewall and Because Black Lives Matter”-June 24, 2020 (Moderator)

Trade, Red Tape Make U.S.-Produced Drugs a ‘Massive Undertaking’“-June 23, 2020 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Trump’s Health Priorities Set Aside, Maybe for Good, by Pandemic“-April 29, 2020 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

“Cyber-Attack Hits U.S. Health Agency Amid Covid-19 Outbreak”-March 16, 2020 (KNX Los Angeles guest)

Drug Chains Join Free HIV Prevention Drug Efforts“-December 4, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Insurers to Disclose Drug Copays Under Trump Proposal“-November 18, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

White House Questions FDA Tobacco Role“-November 12, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Bloomberg Law Health Care Roundtable and Networking Event on Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute Changes-November 5, 2019 (Speaker)

Congress Wants to Shrink Maternal Death Rate“-September 13, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

The Fate of Obamacare“-July 9, 2019 (Bloomberg TV guest)

Congress Overlooking Some Tactics Used to Keep Drug Prices High“-July 9, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Will the ACA Live or Will It Die? Texas v. the U.S.“-July 8, 2019 (Moderated a teletraining for the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing)

Newseum’s Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference-June 18, 2019 (Speaker)

White House Silent to Congress on Obamacare; Subpoenas Next Step“-May 29, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Subpoena on Trump Obamacare Stance a Dilemma for Dems“-May 21, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Shira Stein on House Health Care Policy Debate“-May 8, 2019 (C-SPAN guest)

Trump Oversight Troubles Bleed Into Drug Pricing Debate“-May 6, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Bloomberg Law Newsroom Panel “LGBT+ in the News”-April 16, 2019 (Speaker)

Bloomberg Law “Value-Based Health Care: New Models for Success Keynote Interview“-April 10, 2019 (Moderator)

Hill Drug Pricing Scrutiny Starts With Patients, Researchers“-January 23, 2019 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

Newseum’s Power Shift Summit 2.0-January 15, 2019 (Participant)

VIDEO: Drug Prices, Medicaid Among Top Health Issues for 2019“-December 26, 2018 (video)

Democrats Could Make Deal With Trump to Cut Drug Prices“-November 8, 2018 (Bloomberg Radio guest)

New Congress Will Bring Oversight, Policy Changes“-November 7, 2018 (Bloomberg Government podcast guest)

Newseum’s Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference-June 19, 2018 (Speaker)

Newseums’ “Power Shift Project: Power to the Interns“-March 2, 2018 (Speaker)