Bloomberg Law (select stories)

Scoops/Breaking news

Trump Seeks to Force Hospitals to Open Books as They Fight Virus“-May 15, 2020 (broke the news of the White House’s interest in price transparency measure in next coronavirus stimulus, co-byline, Bloomberg News story)

Trump Mulls Made-in-U.S. Order for Vital Drugs, Devices”-May 14, 2020 (broke the news of a draft executive order about making essential drugs in the U.S., co-byline, Bloomberg News story)

FEMA Shifts Some Virus Supply Buying Power to Defense Department“-May 11, 2020 (broke the news of FEMA giving the DOD some of its contracting authority, Bloomberg News story)

FEMA to Move Out of Lead Virus Role to Focus on Reopening“-April 29, 2020 (broke the news that FEMA was in discussions to no longer be the lead agency in the federal Covid-19 response, Bloomberg News story)

White House Weighs FEMA Takeover of Stockpile’s Virus Supplies“-April 2, 2020 (broke the news that the White House was trying to give FEMA authority over the Strategic National Stockpile procurement)

Air Force Will Fly Swabs From Italy to Boost Testing in the U.S. (2)“-March 19, 2020 (exclusive interview with Peter Navarro, broke the news of the number of swabs and ongoing flights, co-byline)

Cyber-Attack Hits U.S. Health Agency Amid Covid-19 Outbreak“-March 16, 2020 (broke the news of the attack, co-byline, Bloomberg News story)

White House Embraces Drive-Through Virus Testing, Plans Website“-March 13, 2020 (broke the news of the companies involved, triple byline, Bloomberg News story)

Free Distribution of HIV Prevention Drug Begins Dec. 2: Gilead“-November 27, 2019 (broke the news that the distribution was starting, story was retweeted by Trump and had over 2.2 million Twitter impressions)

Pelosi Plan Would Have Medicare Negotiate 250 Drugs’ Prices (1)“-September 9, 2019 (first to obtain a copy of the Pelosi drug pricing bill, co-byline, over 27,000 Twitter impressions)

When Drug Prices Jump, So Does Trump—If He Sees It on the News“-August 13, 2019 (exclusive information about the events leading to three regulatory announcements, co-written)

Trump Kills Drug Rebate ‘Safe Harbor’ Rule That Favored Pharma (5)“-July 11, 2019 (had exclusive information about the decision-making process within the White House and their planned next steps)

Adam Boehler, Who Championed Value-Based Care, to Leave HHS (3)“-July 10, 2019 (broke the news that a top HHS official was leaving the department and being nominated to an international post)

Nonprofit Hospitals Exempt From Taxes, Not From Hill Scrutiny (1)“-February 13, 2019 (broke news of an investigation more than two weeks before it’s official announcement)


Pandemic’s Next Medical Shortage? Vaccine Needles, Syringes (1)“-May 7, 2020 (broke the news of new contracts for needles and syringes)

Kushner Airlift Moves Millions of Masks, But Details Are Secret“-May 1, 2020 (triple byline, Bloomberg News story)

Trump’s Health Priorities Set Aside, Maybe for Good, by Pandemic“-April 27, 2020 (spoke with three former Trump administration officials on the record)

Hard-Hit N.Y., N.J. Trail the Field in Initial Virus Grants (1)“-April 15, 2020 (involved data analysis and graphics, co-byline)

GM’s Ventilator Effort Goes Haywire With Trump Turning on CEO Barra“-March 27, 2020 (broke the news of the problems with the GM/Ventec contract, triple byline, Bloomberg News story)

Trump Virus Adviser Is a Rarity in White House Ruled by Loyalty“-March 7, 2020 (profile, four bylines, Bloomberg News story)

Telehealth Takes on Pregnancy Depression Amid Payment Barriers“-January 6, 2020

Conservative Group Is State by State on Medicaid Work Rules (1)“-November 21, 2019 (investigation involving data analysis and graphics)

Dream Team Pushes HHS Policy Envelope With High Risk of Lawsuits (1)“-August 28, 2019

Labeling Fentanyl as Mass Weapon May Further Curb Medical Uses“-April 26, 2019

Obamacare Filing Breaks All Kinds of Justice Department Norms“-April 1, 2019 (exclusive information from interviews with multiple former DOJ attorneys, over 23,000 Twitter impressions, top story for Bloomberg Law)

Policy Stories

HHS Would See $9.4 Billion Decrease Under Trump’s Budget Request (1)“-February 10, 2020

Medicaid Block Grant Policy Could Face High Legal Hurdles“-January 28, 2020

Facebook Ads Cause Patients to Stop, Switch HIV Prevention Drug“-December 16, 2019

Efforts to Shrink Maternal Death Rate Win House Panel’s OK“-November 20, 2019

Trump Health-Worker Religious Rule Is Tossed by Federal Judge (2)“-November 6, 2019 (Triple byline)

Vaping Bans Advance in Congress With Illnesses Likely to Rise“-October 16, 2019 (Bloomberg News story)

House Democrats Push Forward With Drug-Price Negotiation Bill“-October 17, 2019 (Bloomberg News story, triple byline)

Eased Opioid Treatment Record-Sharing Proposed by Health Agency“-August 22, 2019

House Democrats Take Aim at ‘Unlawful’ Trump Obamacare Move (1)“-February 13, 2019